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About Craig Dennis, Professional Massage Therapist

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I have over 19 years experience and have given more than 20,000 massages as a professional bodyworker. My background, in brief:

  • Craig Dennis, Professional Massage Therapist, Masseur, in Paris, France and Ile de ReGraduate of the prestigious Atlanta School of Massage in the United States, and student of the legendary Don Schuman.
  • Physical therapy aide at Gramercy Park Physical Therapy Associates, New York City
  • Massage specialist at the health club and spa of the original Ritz Hotel, Paris
  • In private practice since 1995, providing massage services on Ile de Re, and in La Rochelle, Paris, and New York City.
  • Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (A.M.T.A.)
  • Member of the Federation Française de Massage Bien-Etre (F.F.M.B.E.)

You can also read about what influenced me to become a massage professional.


At the Ritz, I worked with many celebrities and developed an international reputation for fantastic massage with an impeccable sense of service.  I was written about in Vogue Magazine, and the Sunday Times listed “a Massage with Craig” as number 4 in its list of “Top Ten Things to Do in Paris.” I still enjoy an enthusiastic international clientele.


I am trained in a wide variety of techniques including:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Neuromuscular release
  • Sports massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Acupressure
  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
  • Jin shin jyutsu
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Thai massage
  • Myofacial release therapy
  • Polarity therapy

I now live in La Rochelle, providing massage services on Ile de Ré and in the surrounding area. I travel to Paris on a regular basis, working at a central Paris office between the 6th and 7th arrondissements.


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How Craig Works

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I consider massage to be an art form. Over the past seventeen years I have developed my own unique approach. I draw upon my knowledge and experience to deliver a massage that is custom made for each and every client.

  • Back Massage TechniqueI begin by listening to you, asking you questions to establish what goals you have for the session, and specific issues you want to address.
  • I then work intuitively, blending different techniques, adapting each massage to your particular needs. I listen to your body, its tensions, densities, vibrations and energies, always striving to release blockages and restore flow and balance.
  • You may talk or be quiet, it is up to you. Some people talk during the session and consider our dialog to be an important part of the work. I am a great listener and have some training as a coach. Perhaps I can offer insight into a stressful issue.
  • I will work as deeply as you like, when necessary. Many people appreciate the fact that I can provide deep work that is difficult to find. I am able to do so gently, without it feeling like torture. I want to remind your body that it is made mostly of water, not concrete.
  • You can give feedback while I work. My clients and I work together to get the best results.  Discussion, feedback and verbalization are welcome and encouraged, but not imposed.

Whether you simply want a relaxing massage, help with sore muscles and the accumulated effects of stress, or if you are interested in addressing deeper, more chronic issues, I create each massage especially for you, a massage that is deep and effective yet gentle.


The massage will:

  • relax you,
  • provide relief from tensions,
  • liberate blockages,
  • restore your body's natural energy flow and reserves, and
  • leave you with a heightened sense of well-being.

I encourage you to read the testimonials of other clients so that you can hear first hand what my massages are like and how they have helped people.


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What to Expect

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Professional Back Massage by Craig Dennis in Paris, France and Ile de Re, France

I am proud to offer very competent and professional service. Below you should find answers to most of your questions. If you have others, please feel free to contact me.


Where and When

  • All Paris appointments occur at my central Paris office.
  • La Rochelle and Ile de Re appointments can be arranged at one of my local offices or as an outcall at your hotel or residence.
  • I am not able to offer outcalls in Paris but can assist you in making arrangements with one of my associates if you cannot come to my office.
  • My available hours are generally 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days/week.

Your Appointment

  • Appointments begin and end promptly at their scheduled time.
  • I provide all necessary equipment and materials - massage table, linens, music, essential oils and other products.
  • I will start by asking you a few questions to establish what goals you have for the session, and to verify that you do not currently have any medical conditions that could present a problem for receiving a massage.
  • After the interview, I will leave the room while you get ready for the massage. Generally, most people leave on their under garments or undress completely. This is a matter of personal comfort. You can even remain fully clothed if that is how you are most comfortable.
  • While I am gone, you then get onto a professional massage table, under the crisp, cotton top sheet.

Your comfort during the massage

  • During every massage, you are always draped with a sheet. You will be covered except for the part of your body that is receiving the work. This keeps you warm, protects modesty, and promotes a feeling of being “cocooned”.
  • I custom blend pure, organic essential oils for each session based the goals of that session. 
  • If you are concerned about allergies or simply prefer fragrance free products, I am also happy not to use any essential oils in your massage. My base oils are natural and organic with no added perfumes or colorants.
  • For ambiance, I often have ocean sounds playing quietly in the room, which most people find soothing. You may also choose to listen to music or enjoy the silence. Just let me know.

At the end of the massage

  • A few minutes before the end of your session, I will finish the massage and again leave the room, giving you plenty of time to dress and collect yourself gently.
  • Please be considerate to the person following you by closing with me in a timely way so that I may start their session on time.
  • Payment is due at the end of each session. I accept cash or checks in euros from French accounts.
  • Please try to schedule your massage so that you don’t have to rush to be somewhere afterwards.

After the massage

  • A good massage takes some time to digest.  It greatly enhances the circulation, gives loads of information to the body via the nervous system, and liberates energetic blockages.  Your body needs a day or more to process these changes.

  • You may feel a little tender, sore or tired the day after a particularly deep massage. This is a normal reaction due to toxins being flushed from your tissues. Drinking lots of water will help reduce or prevent soreness.

  • Drinking alcohol within eight to twelve hours after a massage may increase soreness
    and is strongly discouraged.  Make the most of your massage by simply drinking water. (Lots of water!)

  • Some people may feel emotional during or following deep massage. This is also a normal reaction that may occur as stress-induced tension leaves your body.

  • You may also feel just great, happy, rested, fantastic, lighter, svelte, peaceful, Zen, blissful, creative, mellow, energized, grounded, liberated, centered, inspired, relieved, exalted, musical, angelic and generally very, very good. 

If you are concerned about massage from a male massage therapist

  • For various reasons, some people prefer not to be massaged by male therapists.  I understand.  However, being a male is one aspect of the session that I cannot change for the comfort of my clients.
  • I encourage you to read the testimonials from others like yourself who have had a massage and found that it was not an issue.
  • I am also happy to refer you to one of my excellent associates in Paris or on Ile de Ré. Please contact me.

How often to get a massage

  • How often you should receive a massage depends entirely on you.
  • Effectively addressing chronic pain or structural issues normally requires more than one visit.
  • I may refer you to a physical therapist, osteopath, or other professional to complement the work we do together.
  • You are encouraged to determine for yourself the rhythm of the sessions.
  • For general maintenance, once or twice a month is ideal.

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Contact Information

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To make an appointment for a massage, visit the appointment page.


You can send me email at the following address:


You may also contact me by telephone:


06 1544 4816  from France
+33 6 1544 4816  outside France

The Paris office is centrally located in the 7th arrondissement, in the Paris Pilates studio, not far from the Musee Rodin. Metros Saint-Francois-Xavier, Ecole Militaire, Sevres-Lecourbe, Duroc or Segur. The address is:


32 ave Duquesnes
75007 Paris

Here is an interactive map showing the location.




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